Have a blast with 2-4 friends in this fast-paced, neon-retro experience that will have you teleporting around in ways you have never imagined!

You are each equipped with a teleportation device that explodes upon use; catch the other players in the explosion to destroy them!

Simple, hectic multiplayer action

Have a blast in 3 game modes

More than 5 arenas to battle for supremacy

Available Now on Steam Early Access for PC / Mac / Linux

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Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch planned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is it for?

Currently TeleBlast is available on Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam Early Access. I am currently in talks to release the game on Switch, Xbox One and PS4 but nothing is confirmed. When I know more I will be sure to announce it!

How many players can play?

From 2-4 players can play. Any more would be too many and any less would be kind of boring. There are currently no plans to implement AI players to play against.

Can I play online?

Not natively - as a solo developer I have chosen to focus on console adaptations rather than a half baked online implementation. That is not to say its completely out of the picture but not something I am prioritising. You should check out Parsec though!

Do I need a gamepad to play on PC?

While gamepad is by far the best way to play TeleBlast, it is still possible to play with 2 players using the same keyboard, one using WASD and the other using the arrow keys

Can I stream this game?

Absolutely! Feel free to get in touch and we can promote your stream/video through our social media channels when you do!

Wouldn't it be cool if...?

One of the best parts of being in Early Access is the amount of feedback and ideas people are willing to provide, its truly the best part of being "indie". If you have ideas or suggestions for the direction of the game, please feel free to join the Discord or get in touch with me directly!

Help! I have an issue!

I am far from the best game developer in the world so things are undoubtedly going to be buggy. If you have an issue please don't hesitate to get in contact with me through Discord or get in touch with me directly!