The Game

TELEBLAST is a fast paced, local multiplayer, combat game set in a time of explosive teleportation. Up to 4 players can take to the arena to attempt to outplay and outblast their opponents in a round-by-round battle for supremacy.

Each player will be in control of a teleporter which they can shoot out and then activate to teleport to with the distance that the teleporter travelled influencing the size of the resulting explosion.

Easy to grasp hectic multiplayer action.
New players can pick up and play quickly and easily through intuitive controls and simple mechanics.

A wide range of arenas to play.
Challenge each other on a number of arenas, each of which can be customised with different colours and backgrounds.

Multiple game modes and game modifiers to keep things fresh.
The simple gameplay can be modified and customised to your liking with more options always being added.


TELEBLAST is currently in beta and under active development, you can view the feature roadmap here and development blog here.

It is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux with Xbox, PS4, Switch under consideration.

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